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Having the correct Cloud based till for your business is key to ensuring you maximise profits whilst having the necessary controls in place to prevent theft and improve staff efficiency. The right system will improve your GP%, ensuring all transactions are processed correctly as well as highlighting any cases of misappropriated cash. Essential reports such as cash sales can also be accessed anywhere at any time on any internet enabled device, offering complete flexibility and convenience to your business.

Casio V-R7000

  • 15.6″ Android-based touch screen terminal
  • Including 1 x cash drawer and 2 x printers
  • Slim, stylish design
  • Robust hardware supports daily 24/7 front of house operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Casio Cloud suite and 3 modules – Mix & Match, Cashing up, PubCo reporting

Mix & Match – This module allows special promotions to be set up in the Cloud and subsequently downloaded to the tills in one or many locations. Examples such as two main meals for £10 and buy one get one free help to increase competitiveness.

Cashing up – This module gives the ability to manage to the cash in your business by allowing the declaration of cash amounts. It ensures that the declared amount and bank reconciliation is accurate, which can be easily verified by your online banking facility.

PubCo reporting – This module is designed to email the area manager / head office a one page report on a daily basis consisting of sales of the previous day, along with a year on year sales comparison to show the sales trend of that pub.


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Additional Items

  • Second V-R7000 at £40 per month

Extra Cloud Modules – Stock control, Time & Attendance, Import & Export

  • Stock Control – This module gives accurate stock levels along with stock costs, allowing the identity of stock losses and calculation of overall profitability of the business. Stock can be managed in real-time, including placing orders with suppliers.
  • Time & Attendance – This module manages staff punctuality, rest breaks and hours worked, all accessible through any internet-enabled device. This allows the accurate management of staff costs and efficiency during busy and quiet trading periods.

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