Off the Shelf Menus

As part of the Star Food Support package there are a number of ‘Off Shelf’ menus available for Lessees to use.

If a Lessee decides to run an Off Shelf menu they receive the following package free of charge:

  • Menu design, artwork and 50 printed menus
  • Costings sheet, order codes, spec book and allergens information

There are 5 different Off the Shelf menus available:

  1. Gastro Made Simple Menu
  2. British Heritage Menu
  3. Value Food Mid-Week Offer Menu
  4. Pizza & Pasta – Casual Dining Menu
  5. Gourmet Hollywood Burgers Menu

Click Here to see Off the Shelf menu details.

To find out more about the menus or receive PDF copies by email either speak to your BDM or call 01506 471185 and we’ll send copies out to you.