Star Food Folder

The Star Food folder for Lessees contains a comprehensive collection of information and support documents for you and your kitchen, including:

  • Safe legal and compliance information (including allergen info and a copy of the Food Standard Agencies Safer Food Better Business)
  • A set of ‘how to’ food training guides including:
    • How to forecast and manage kitchen labour costs
    • How to calculate GP
    • How to control capacity front of house
    • How to recruit quality chefs
    • How to interview chefs
  • Information on the ‘Off the Shelf Menus’ support package (5 menus that can be ordered for free)
  • Food Trends presentation
  • A beer and food pairing guide

Every pub that sold food was sent a copy of the Star Food folder in 2015.

If you have started selling food since then or have lost your copy please call 01506 471185 and we will organise an additional copy to be sent to your pub for free.