Additional Support Services

The Route organisation provides a wide range of high quality services and support:

  • Telecoms services
  • Waste Control services
  • Pest Control services
  • Hygiene product supply

Sign up to the Route organisation’s management of your Waste & Pest Control together with the supply of Hygiene products and Telecoms services – and you’ll not only benefit from their expertise and efficiency – you’ll also benefit from some attractive price reductions, achieved through bulk buying arrangements available solely for the benefit of Star Pubs & Bars lessees.

All your services and calls on one simple account:

  • One point of contact for admin, support and faults, with a dedicated customer service team
  • Uninterrupted transfer of existing lines to consolidate bills and reduce costs
  • Reduce your waste costs while increasing the amount of waste you recycle
  • Proactive approach to commercial pest control provides maximum all-round protection
  • Tailored service, delivering a wide range of over 18,000 high quality hygiene products, fast

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