To help keep your costs down it’s important to secure the right supplier for energy and utilities.  If you don’t renew your contracts in time, you could end up paying much more for your energy supplies.  And if you don’t re-register utility accounts when you take over a pub, you could not only become responsible for the previous account holder’s unpaid bills, but pay up to 100% more for energy than necessary.

With so many suppliers, and so many competing offers, making sense of the utility market can seem tricky.  This is why we’ve partnered with Nationwide Energy to help get the best deal for our lessees.

Nationwide Energy will:

  • Provide you with 3 different quotations for your utilities supply
  • Complete an energy efficiency survey and provide you with recommendations to reduce your bills
  • Attend on the day you move in to the pub and record the meter reads
  • Be available for you to contact Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 4.30pm by calling the emergency number on 0845 0660705 or emailing on


If you have any issues with your energy supplier, you can also get help and advice from The Ombudsman.  This service is approved by Ofgem, the body which regulates electricity and gas markets in England, Scotland and Wales.


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